Company History

SYZ MACHINE specializes in manufacturing ball transfer unitsspherical bearingsball joints, and related conveyor system components.

SYZ MACHINE CO.,LTD was founded in February, 2002, but its owners are anything but new to the industry.  Since 2002, SYZ Machine has been the China Leading Manufacturer of Ball Transfer Units. We have committed our efforts to offer ball transfer units of world class quality, competitive price and on time delivery.

SYZ MACHINE conducts all manufacturing,R&D, engineering, prototyping, shock assembly, dynamometer testing, pull testing in-house in our 35,000 sq.ft.facility. We take pride in the highest quality components and economical prices we bring to our customers, and we are proud to have a quality system that is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 and SGS standard.

We also integrate good sources around China for all the industrial, agricultural,auto bearings at very competitive pricing.