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We Offer Directional Solutions for Air Cargo; Machinery; Fabricated Ball Table; Ball Channel; Transportation; Science; Automotive and More.
We Offer Customized Manufacturing Based on Customer Sample or Drawing.
Free Samples Could Be Provided Before Ordering! Great Shipping Discount.
We Take Care of All Shipping and Custom Procedures. No Hassle Importing!


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D Series Ball Transfer
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NL Series Ball Transfer
IA,IS,SD,SI Series Ball Transfer
LW Series Ball Transfer

Application & Case

SYZ ball transfer units are suitable for various applications and industries -- from subsea to aerospace. Click to view snapshots of applications that SYZ offers, including material handling and logistics; mechanical design; air transport; glass handling; automobiles; aerospace; oil and gas; nuclear; health care; and construction.

Materials Handling & Logistics

logistic ball transfer

Solutions for moving materials, equipment or goods are required in almost every industry, and SYZ products are found wherever there is the need to keep business moving.

Air Cargo Handling


Air cargo handling
SYZ Ball Transfer Units can be found in cargo facilities around the world. Fitted in ball decks and dollies, our units allow for the smooth and easy manual movement of ULDs and heavy cargoare found wherever there is the need to keep business moving.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Ball units with a polymer body and/or nylon balls are ideal for applications requiring hygienic or non-metallic components. Often found in clean rooms and medical imaging equipment.

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Q. What’s MOQ and Lead Time?
A. MOQ Usually 100pcs or $500 Minimum. Lead time usually around 30-45 days. Regular parts are in stock.

Q. How to Handle Shipping & Import Duties?
A. We take care of all shipping, import clearance and door delivery. No Hassle at all. Shipping by ocean or air.

Q. How to Customize Products?
A. Send us drawings or samples including information of Material, Sizes, Surface Treatment, Qty, we will send price, make sample, and proceed.