How to Inspect and Maintain Race Car Rod Ends

Below are some things about how to inspect and maintain race car rod ends ?

First, inspect your linkage every week to make sure there is no any rod ends loosening up. The simple quick check is just grab on the linkage move it up and down left to right and you can usually feel or even hear it if it’s loosening up.

The next thing you need to inspect is whether the rod end have good rotation on your linkage or not. Rod end should be allowed to rotate in your suspension, or that’s not good since it’s not what the rod end is there for.  Here is a tip that if you have a such slot adjuster style, don’t use a hammer on the rod end itself when you loosen it up and go to adjust the linkage up and down. Otherwise, the rod end housing will be distorted and cause your rod end to go in a bind.

Now let’s see the rod end. It is a self-lubricating 3-piece rod end, we don’t need to use any lubricant on it or grease. Just keep an eye on it and replace it when it starts to get free. If the one you have is not a self-lubricating rod ends, then use some grease or some spray lube.  For race car, we recommend the rod end with PTFE liner as they stay tight and keep debris out of there pretty well.

The JMX 3-PIece Rod End, Self-Lubricating, with PTFE Liner

jmx rod end

There is still another thing you need to check that is make sure you don’t have any bind in your suspension with rod end. So you need got enough spacers at top and bottom that the rod end is not binding on it. Or you can choose a high misalignment rod end, which will allow more movement for that.

The PCYM High Misalignment Rod End

pcym rod end

These are couple things about how to inspect and maintain race car rod ends. If you have more questions,  email us or submit form at right side. Thank you.

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