What is a spherical plain bearing

Spherical Bearings are consist of an inner ring with a sphere convex outside surface and a outer ring with concave inside surface.  They are also called Spherical Plane Bearing, Spherical ball bushing bearings and Ball Bushings. Spherical Plain Bearings are used to accommodate shafts or rods with varying amounts of misalignment and provide consistent performance under conditions of marginal lubrication, extreme speed and critical-application stress.

Spherical plain bearings can be divided into metal to metal and maintenance-free spherical plain bearings. The metal to metal radial spherical plain bearings have hardened sliding contact surface on both rings. They are wear and corrosion resistant, but require regular relubrication.  There are three types of sliding contact sufaces for the maintenance-free spherical plain bearings, the metal on PTFE composite material, metal on PTFE fabric and metal on copper alloy.  This kind of spherical bearing can be operated without relubrication.

SYZ Machine has 7 popular models with above 2 spherical plain bearing design. 

They are

COM/HCOM       Commericial Series                        Alloy Steel, Metal to Metal, PTFE Lined Optional

COMA-M             Commericial Series                        Alloy Steel,Metal to Metal, PTFE Lined Optional, Metric Size

COM-SS               Precision Narrow Series               Stainless Steel, Corrosion Resistant, PTFE Lined

FKS                       Heavy Duty Series                          Alloy Steel,Heat Treated, Heavy Duty, PTFE Lined Optional

SLB                       Heavy Duty Series                          Alloy Steel, Reinforced Nylon Race with PTFE, Stainless Steel Optional

YPB                      High Misalignment Series            Alloy Steel, High Misalignment Ball, PTFE Lined, Stainless Steel Optional

WPB                    Wide Race Series                            Alloy Steel,Wide Race,PTFE Lined,Staking Groove,Stainless Steel Optional

GEC                      Shock Spherical Bearing Series  Carbon Steel, PTFE Lined, Metric Size

GEZ                      Fractured Race Series                    52100 Bearing Steel, Protective Coated, Rubber Seals Optional

SYZ Machine is a premier spherical plain bearing manufacturer and supplier. Besides above models, if you have special request for your unique application, please contact us.