what is a rod end bearing

A Rod End Bearing is also called as heim joint or rose joint. It consists of a spherical bearing in an eye-shaped head of the rod end housing and used on the ends of control rods, steering links and tie rods.  Rod Ends allow tie rods to perform a rotation in a precise and controlled manner. 

Rod end bearings material generally refers to the material of the rod end housing. Depending on the application, we usually choose rod ends of different materials. So a proper material rod end saves your budget and delivering good performance. The most popular rod end materials are steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, Aluminum. For some customers’ special requests, SYZ Machine also provides a rod end in plastic, titanium. 

The  typical designs of rod end bearing are loader slot, 2-piece, 3-piece, injection molded. Loader slot rod end is for vibratory or static loads applications. The most popular structure for racing application is the fully swaged 2-piece design.  This economy rod end has good radial or pull strength along with good axial strength. 3-Piece rod end bearings is a kind of precision rod end, it can be made of different material to match application. They are strong and tight fitting. And the injection molded rod end bearing normally for low load, moderate oscillation applications.

Rod Ends with external or interal thread rod end housing. We normally call them male rod end and female rod end. The right-handed threads are the most commonly used thread type for clockwise tightening.  The left-handed threads are tightened in a counterclockwise direction and must match the connecting parts .

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