How to find a right ball transfer bearing

Here we talk something about how to find a right ball transfer bearing ?

First, let’s know what is ball transfer bearing?  Ball transfer bearings, also called ball transfer Unit, it consists of a ball mounted in a housing with ball transfer bearings that allow the ball to rotate in all directions. Ball Tranfer Unit make the items roll smoothly on the conveying equipment or a fixed flate. In some application, they also be used as spinner wheels. They lighten the workload during transmission and delivery.

To find a right ball transfer bearing,  there are 2 things we need to to conside, one is the load capacity, the other one is the fixing method.

About the load capacity, we need to get the goods weight and then divide by 3, the result is the minimum value of dynamic load capacity any single ball unit should have.  Each unit based on the type size and material option this value should be higher than the one that you have calculated.

All transfer units are available in variety of designs in fixing metals.  The most popular ones are the standard volumes for dropping fixing. In this case, just place the unit into a hub. For additional securing, using fixing clips which can be supplied separately or choosing units with built-in clips. The flange fixing units with holes in the flange through, they can be screwed to the surface.

To check details of ball transfer bearing,  you can go to the transfer units catagory or just contact us to request a catalog.