rod end by material

Rod End Bearings by Material

Rod end bearings material generally refers to the material of the rod end housing. Depending on the application, we usually choose rod ends of different materials. So a proper material rod end saves your budget and delivering good performance.

Below is the list of SYZBEARING Rod End Bearings by Material

Rod End Model No.Rod End HousingMale ThreadFemale ThreadInch/Metric SizeApplications
AMAircraft AluminumLH/RHInch7075-T6 Aluminum Rod End. For Sprint Car and Race Car.
AFAircraft AluminumLH/RHInch
ALJMAircraft AluminumLH/RHInch
ALJFAircraft AluminumLH/RHInch
ALRSMAircraft AluminumLH/RHInch
CMCarbon SteelLH/RHInchEconomy Heim Joint. Widely Used In Industry, Construction Field,Such as Machinery, Automation Equipment, CNC Equipment,ETC.
CFCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
EXMCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
EXFCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
JMCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
JFCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
VMCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
VFCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
PMCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
PFCarbon SteelLH/RHInch
CM-MCarbon SteelLH/RHMetric
CF-MCarbon SteelLH/RHMetric
JM-MCarbon SteelLH/RHMetric
JF-MCarbon SteelLH/RHMetric
SA..TKCarbon SteelLH/RHMetric
SI..TKCarbon SteelLH/RHMetric
MPMCarbon SteelLH/RHMetric
MPFCarbon SteelLH/RHMetric
XMChromoly SteelLH/RHInchHeavy Duty Heim Joint. For Links, Control Arm, Steering Kits, 4 Bar Links, Radius Arm,etc.
XFChromoly SteelLH/RHInch
PCMChromoly SteelLH/RHInch
PCYMChromoly SteelLH/RHInch
PCYFChromoly SteelLH/RHInch
JMXChromoly SteelLH/RHInch
JFXChromoly SteelLH/RHInch
MXMChromoly SteelLH/RHMetric
MXFChromoly SteelLH/RHMetric
JMX-MChromoly SteelLH/RHMetric
JFX-MChromoly SteelLH/RHMetric
SCMStainless SteelLH/RHInchRustproof Heim Joint. Resistant to Corrosion. Commonly Used in Industrial, Construction or Automotive.
SCFStainless SteelLH/RHInch
SCM-MStainless SteelLH/RHMetric
SCF-MStainless SteelLH/RHMetric