rod end by material

Rod End Bearings by Material

Rod end bearings material generally refers to the material of the rod end housing. Depending on the application, we usually choose rod ends of different materials. So a proper material rod end saves your budget and delivering good performance.

Below is the list of SYZBEARING Rod End Bearings by Material

Rod End Model No. Rod End Housing Male Thread Female Thread Inch/Metric Size Applications
AM Aircraft Aluminum LH/RH Inch 7075-T6 Aluminum Rod End. For Sprint Car and Race Car.
AF Aircraft Aluminum LH/RH Inch
ALJM Aircraft Aluminum LH/RH Inch
ALJF Aircraft Aluminum LH/RH Inch
ALRSM Aircraft Aluminum LH/RH Inch
CM Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch Economy Heim Joint. Widely Used In Industry, Construction Field,Such as Machinery, Automation Equipment, CNC Equipment,ETC.
CF Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
EXM Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
EXF Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
JM Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
JF Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
VM Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
VF Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
PM Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
PF Carbon Steel LH/RH Inch
CM-M Carbon Steel LH/RH Metric
CF-M Carbon Steel LH/RH Metric
JM-M Carbon Steel LH/RH Metric
JF-M Carbon Steel LH/RH Metric
SA..TK Carbon Steel LH/RH Metric
SI..TK Carbon Steel LH/RH Metric
MPM Carbon Steel LH/RH Metric
MPF Carbon Steel LH/RH Metric
XM Chromoly Steel LH/RH Inch Heavy Duty Heim Joint. For Links, Control Arm, Steering Kits, 4 Bar Links, Radius Arm,etc.
XF Chromoly Steel LH/RH Inch
PCM Chromoly Steel LH/RH Inch
PCYM Chromoly Steel LH/RH Inch
PCYF Chromoly Steel LH/RH Inch
JMX Chromoly Steel LH/RH Inch
JFX Chromoly Steel LH/RH Inch
MXM Chromoly Steel LH/RH Metric
MXF Chromoly Steel LH/RH Metric
JMX-M Chromoly Steel LH/RH Metric
JFX-M Chromoly Steel LH/RH Metric
SCM Stainless Steel LH/RH Inch Rustproof Heim Joint. Resistant to Corrosion. Commonly Used in Industrial, Construction or Automotive.
SCF Stainless Steel LH/RH Inch
SCM-M Stainless Steel LH/RH Metric
SCF-M Stainless Steel LH/RH Metric